Monday, September 7, 2009

Camp Food

Camping is not exactly on my top 10 list of most favorite things to do. My years spent in the Girl Scouts as a child did not prepare me for camping as an adult. Mostly due to my lack of appropriate attire, gear, and general dislike for being cold and dirty--camping has just never been that fun to me. However, my boyfriend, a camping enthusiast decided he was going to change all that and turn me into a camping connoisseur. Even though this Labor Day weekend was a cold and wet one, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my new camping experience and can't wait to do it again! For the pansy camping novices like myself, the keys to a good camping experience (in no particular order):
  1. Go with someone who knows what they're doing.
  2. Find a campsite with showers (at the very least, toilets).
  3. If you don't have an oldschool VW bus to sleep in, make sure your tent has a blow up mattress--check for holes before you leave.
  4. Layers, layers, layers.
  5. Bring a propane more beans and weenies! You can eat gourmet out in the wild!
Here is some of the yumminess we ate!
camping sept 09 015
Bring some marinated chicken or beef and add your favorite veggies to make delicious skewers.
camping sept 09 024
While skewering, quarter red potatoes, boil for about 10 minutes then season and grill.
camping sept 09 020
Set the potatoes aside and toss green beans, mushrooms, bacon and onions on the grill.
camping sept 09 028
This was so incredibly yummy!
camping sept 09 032

Breakfast was campfire eggs and bacon. Simply cut a whole out of the middle of bread with the cap of one of your seasonings or cookie cutter. Crack eggs into the center and cook until done.
camping sept 09 040

The next evening we added chopped broccoli to the leftovers (potatoes, onions, peppers and meat), tossed in a seasoned pan and heated over the fire. Perfection!
Camping 095

I can't wait to do this all over again!


  1. that guy is pretty lucky to have such a hot girlfriend! great blog!

  2. You have brought camp food to a new level! The food looks great.


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