Monday, August 10, 2009

The Art of Mango Cutting

I am not the authority on mango cutting; I do however have an obsession with the sticky, stringy, slimy fruit. Fruits that have inedible peels annoy me…they take that much longer to sink my teeth into. Mangoes however are worth the wait. I wish I had a video of the first time I sliced into one; I had no clue what I was fact, I used a butter knife! I cut through it forgetting about the massive seed in the center, so then I peeled the skin off (again, with the butter knife) wasting huge chunks of the edible inner parts. It was slippery and dripping sweet stickiness everywhere and after practically squeezing the entire mango into a messy, lumpy, piece of something half of its original size, out of sheer frustration I started eating it like corn on the cob. The whole scene was quite hilarious.

There is nothing that comes close to the unique taste of mango, but if it was going to be so messy and so much work I figured I might just have to stick with ordering mango margaritas. I don’t know if there is a correct way to cut mangoes, but somewhere along the line I learned a simple trick that helps keep more mango in my mouth instead of on my lap.

foodie 005foodie 006

1. You'll notice that a mango has two opposing sides that are somewhat flat; those are the sides you want to slice through along the side of the seed. Use a sharp knife, ideally a paring knife.

foodie 007

foodie 009

foodie 011

2. Cut a cross hatch pattern being careful not to cut through the skin

3. Gently turn the skin inside out and slice off the mango cubes

foodie 012

4. Slice off the remaining edges around the seed, peel and cube

foodie 015

foodie 018

5. Don't waste any! Scrape the remainder off the seed with your teeth! YUMMY!

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  1. i eat breakfast foods AND mango all day long!

    i always knew your taste was/is amazing ruthy =)


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