Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shabby Chic...A Lunch Idea

I get bummed if I'm out of leftovers. It means I don't have a lunch to pack for work the next day, which means I spend money I don't have, which means when I check my credit card statement at the end of the month I'm appalled that what I'm spending on lunch could have been a car payment. (Do you rationalize like me and say, "but at least I'm racking up those airline miles?") After re-budgeting for the umpteenth time since moving here, I know that I need to pack my lunch more often. But Tupperware was empty and I only had a few random things left in my fridge. However, the few random things were the perfect combo! Crackers, cheese, spicy hummus dip, prosciutto, wine...oh wait...not on my lunch hour...left the wine at home. I figured this would be popular stuff at happy hour, why shouldn't I pack it and eat it for lunch? The difference is I threw the spread on a paper towel which was on top of a vinyl lime green table cover in the lounge at work instead of white table cloths and with fancy dinnerware; I sipped on Kirkland bottled water instead of pinot noir, and tore up the cheese up with my hands instead of slicing each piece into perfect squares. Oh...and I ate hummus out of a plastic tub...classy eh? I did get a lot of oohhs and ahhhs in the I thought I'd share a lunch idea that doesn't fit perfectly into a plastic Tupperware container, but is filling, different and most likely you can find many of these ingredients lying around your kitchen. Great alternatives would be deli meat, pita bread, a dip or spread of any sort, and veggies. I know there are enough random things in your fridge and cupboard to save you a trip from a drive through tomorrow...just be creative!
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I'm telling you...nothing says gourmet like a lime green table cloth!

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